Salzach River

Salzach River

Life at a River

In the beginning there was the green river. The green Salzach River. The “Salzach” has its source in  the Kitzbühel Alps, more exactly in the area of the “Salzachgeier” at an altitude of approximately 2,300 m north of the Gerlospass. After about 226 km it flows into River Inn at “Marktl”, the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI.

In the section between Bergheim near Salzburg and Marktl it is a border river between Germany and Austria. Great importance for Burghausen was attributed to the Salzach in the years of the salt trade, beginning at the 14th century. Here, the salt was cleared by the “Mautner”, who was employed by the Duke and was loaded onto carts or was shipped further to Passau.
With the salt trade, Burghausen became the trading hub. More than three centuries until its nationalization in 1595, the salt of the town of Burghausen has fostered the wealth of Burghausen and the one of the salt producers.

Today, the river winds between highs and lows and charming landscapes between Tittmoning and Burghausen. Risen by the glacial waters of the last ice age, it sought a new bed and let a very narrow, 1,000 meter-long ridge, where there, about 50 meters above the old town, Burghausen’s landmark towers: One of the most impressive castles in the world (1051m).
While walking along the banks of the Salzach or going for a “Plättenfahrt” on the reconstructed salt barges, you can experience and enjoy the originality of this charming landscape.


The flat boats are replicas of medieval “flat” salt barges, which carried the “white gold” from Hallein down Salzach river.
Experience an unforgettable “Plättenfahrt” through the romantic Salzach Valley. Let the beauty of untouched nature impress you and enjoy the originality of this unique river landscape.

A soft tour past forests, wetlands, churches and mills. Restful relaxation and cozy conviviality – a Plättenfahrt is always an event and is ideal for company outings, clubs, groups or corporate events.

Highlights are the flat barges with music: Jazz brunch or Bavarian “Danzlmusik” that are available on request or on selected dates offered in addition to the public boat trips.

“Plätten” tours on special occasions with historically costumed Salzach sailors, such as wedding – or birthday tours are organized on request.

Guests of the old town hotels in Burghausen as well as of the Hotel Krimmlerfälle benefit of price reductions on public Plättenfahrten:

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Our partner hotel from the other end, the source of the River Salzach “Hotel Krimmlerfälle” is happy to help you with information and organization for cycling and hiking excursions.

Plaettenfahrt auf der Salzach
Luftaufnahme Burghausen 3
Südwind über Burghausen
Aussicht Salzach Burg
Salzach Burghausen



Well worth is a visit to the over 800 year old monastery church Raitenhaslach (district Burghausen, Upper Bavaria). Built on a Roman core, the magnificent Baroque room with Roccoco interior, is leaving an overwhelming impression: “Raitenhaslach is not among the serene baroque churches of Bavaria, but among the most precious and lovable.”

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On the road in the district Raitenhaslach (incorporated 1978) from a hill high above the river you are welcomed by the colorful, twin-towered sanctuary St. Mary Assumption in Marienberg which is visible from far. It is also called “the pearl” of the Salzach river valley. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful Rococo churches in Bavaria.

The fact that this church is dedicated to Maria is already significantly visible in the rise of the 53 steps. The first three represent faith, hope and love, the 50 the Rosary.

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The monks of Michaelbeuern attempt by the running of a school and a boarding school to give young people assistance with a holistic personality development. The Retreat and Educational Institute is trying to impart parochial Benedictine spirituality for people looking for silence, meditation and religious depth, spread across retreats, monastery on time and during the training of employees.

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Kloster Baumburg

Ein beeindruckender Rokoko-Bau, der einen schönen Eindruck bayerisch klösterlicher Frömmigkeit und Lebenslust gibt. Die Klosterkirche ist tagsüber geöffnet.

Weitere Infos zum Kloster Baumburg


An impressive Rococo building, which gives a nice impression of Bavarian monastic piety and love of life. The church is open during the day.

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Trips in Bavaria

Trips in Bavaria


Explore the home of Pope Benedict XVI. Marktl am Inn (15 km from Burghausen) with Joseph Ratzinger’s birthplace and baptistery.


The oldest Cistercian monastery in Upper Bavaria with the most beautiful monastery inn. Also worth seeing is the sanctuary of St. Mary’s Assumpti

A BAVARIAN JEWEL – Kissed up from a 200-years Dornröschen’ s sleep

Almost to the day exactly 200 years after the secularisation of Bavaria resulted in the resolution and the auction of the Cistercian monastery Raitenhaslach a result,  it was possible for the first time to experience the largely original baroque architecture and painting of the former monastery in a fascinating tour.

Guided Tours:

Burghauser Touristik, Tel. +49 8677 887141

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The most important Marian shrine and pilgrimage in Bavaria
14 km from Burghausen and your hotel.

The Salzach cities Tittmoning and Laufen:

Neighboring towns with historical monuments.


A squeaky-clean and picturesque lake, where you can chose from a variety of sports and leisure activities lures in our Upper Bavarian recreational paradise. Tailor made swimming fun – Lake Waging is not only the warmest lake in Upper Bavaria, but it also offers a full watersports program. 35 km from Burghausen and your hotel.

Viewing of Baumburg Monastery, Kirchseeon and Rott am Inn

45 km from Burghausen and your hotel.

Museums of Amerang

People are a bit proud in Amerang, which has a reputation as a museum’s village. It is the only village in Bavaria with three museums: Farmhouse Museum, EFA Museum for German automobile history and Amerang castle. 40 km of Burghausen and your hotel.


Herrenchiemsee castle, Kraut- and Fraueninsel (two isles)
45 km from Burghausen and your hotel.


… on Lake Königsee to St. Bartholomä. on Lake Chiemsee with Herrenchiemsee castle and the two isles of Kraut- and Fraueninsel, Cruise around Lake Mondsee, Company Wurm and Köck in Passau, boattrip on a “Plätte” (old flat salt workers boat), on replicas of old salt barges from Tittmoning to Burghausen


Ruhpolding, Bad Reichenhall, Reit im Winkl, Berchtesgaden, Watzmann, Königssee, Passau, Lower Bavarian Spa Resorts with Bad Griesbach and Bad Füssing.

Trips to Austria

Trips to Austria


There is no doubt: The old town of Salzburg is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The magic of the baroque city on the northern foothills of the Alps attracts with its spell people from all cultures. When trying to put the unique charm of this city in words, even great writers and poets have failed.

No wonder, the beauty of Salzburg is often indescribable. 45 km of Burghausen and your hotel.


The beautiful area is located between Salzburg and Passau and borders upon Bavaria.


The unique charm of the Salzkammergut was already appreciated by the Austrian emperors and by nobles who came here for their summer vacation. The picturesque lakes (Mondsee, Attersee Wallersee, Mattsee, Fuschl, Traunsee and Wolfgangssee) with their clean water (the water of many lakes has drinking water quality) and the dreamy places are a wonderful destination. 

Old Town Events

Old Town Events

For all events (e.g. concerts, festivals, markets, cinema, exhibitions, fairs, etc.) in Burghausen, visit the homepage of the city of Burghausen.


Every year, in collaboration with the city of Burghausen the historic solstice celebrations take place on the Bergerhof area location and the three-day historical castle festival takes place.Historical garments, courtly pomp, torches, fire, the smell of fried food, the smell of faded powder, swords, drum sound and horses, industrious farmers, busy market vendors, beggars, musicians and vagabonds are leading the visitors into a different, bygone time and let him enter the world of the Middle Ages.

Duke Village Burghausen e.V.

Here are presented by and by the individual groups of the Duke City.There are currently 16 groups in the association, with approximately 500 members.


House of Photography, Dr. Robert-Gerlich-Museum: The House of Photography was founded in 1983 as a photographic museum in the town of Burghausen and is located in the Rentmeisterstock on top of the castle. In 1998 it was named after the founder, who has been its director for a long time, Dr. Robert Gerlich.  Home-/Citymuseum Burghausen.  Burghausen Castle is one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in Europe. Duke George the Rich of Landshut / Bavaria and his Polish wife Hedwig after 1475 led large remodeling and expansions in the fortress, begun already by 13th century. This late-medieval castle has remained largely unchanged.
The city museum is housed in the former premises of the bower, here were “the rooms and the chamber of the wife, tin and screen chamber, the maidens chamber and bars, the silver chamber , the Grand Chamber, the chapel rooms and the recluse room. “Spread over four floors, the museum has 30 rooms in its large collection. Conceived as a local history museum, the Museum brings an overview of the past, about art and culture of Burghausen and its surroundings.

Every year there are special exhibitions on the history and art of Burghausen, which can be retrieved in catalogs, and other events.

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Burgfest Burghausen
Allgaeuer Bergwelt 2
Raitenhaslach 2
Burgweihnacht 2
Castle & Old Town


Directly from the Old Town Hotels you will experience the glittering Salzach river, the castle and the Old Town with its grave roofs. The buildings with their raised fronts form a triad in the town of Burghausen, which appears uniquely beautiful like a fairy tale and sprays the charm of the Middle Ages.


On the stroll through the six courtards you will find out about history and stories – amazing, tragic and amusing tales from a millennium Burghausen Castle. The tour of the 1051 meter long grounds takes about 90 minutes.The grounds of the castle are open and accessible all year round.Tours of the outer castle for groups are possible all year round.
Meeting point: Curaplatz (parking lot at the Castle entrance)Duration: Approx. 1  1/2 hours
Timely pre-booking is essential. Reservations can be made at the

Burghausen Touristik GmbH 
Phone: +49 8677 887-140/141) or
Fax: +49 8677 887-144 or


Interesting and amusing tales of citizens, councilors and salt traders will be experienced during a tour of the town square and the Mautnerstraße into the former craftsmen mile “In den Grüben.”

Old Town Tour – 90 minShort Old Town Tour – 60 min.

Altstadt-guided tours are available year-round by appointment

Reservations can be made at the

Burghausen Touristik GmbH 
Phone: +49 8677 887-140/141) or
Fax: +49 8677 887-144 or

Altstadt Burghausen
Altstadt und Burg Burghausen
Burghausen Altstadt front
Burghauser Burg aus oesterreichischer Sicht
Burghauser Burg front
Impression Burghauser Burg 2
Impression Burghauser Burg
Impression Stadtplatz Burghausen
Jakobskirche in Burghausen
Luftaufnahme Burghausen 2
Luftaufnahme Burghausen 3
Luftaufnahme Burghausen 4
Luftaufnahme Burghausen
Pulverturm Burghausen
Salzach Burghausen
Stadtplatz Burghausen 2
Stadtplatz Burghausen 3
Stadtplatz Burghausen 4
Stadtplatz Burghausen von der Burg gesehen 2
Stadtplatz Burghausen von der Burg gesehen 3
Stadtplatz Burghausen von der Burg gesehen
Stadtplatz Burghausen
Stadtplatz Impression
Woehrsee Burghausen Impression 2
Woehrsee Burghausen Impression
Woehrsee Burghausen Luftaufnahme 2
Woehrsee Burghausen Luftaufnahme