Family History

Family History

The owners of the Post can be traced back completely until 1512. Before this time only exist a few documents. It is known that Burghausen was burned down in 1504 in the Landshut War of Succession after the death of Duke Georg the Rich.

The owners were wine hosts but also wine and salt dealer. 1650 the Post host owned more than ten land pieces; 1740 the house was selled at auction because of liabilites. 1970 the “Golden Crown” was one of the four best guest houses in the town. 1945 most of the house was damaged by an American aircraft bomb.

(sources: repository of Burghausen, Munich and the Bavarian repository)

And now? Now it’s our time. 1959 our father and grandfather bought the Post. Hans and Thilde Mitterer have brought the basis into being to what we can offer you today. Since January 1994 we, the siblings Hans Mitterer junior and Johanna Mitterer have taken over the business. In 1997 Christine Christ, nee Mitterer, got in. Since then the three siblings lead the family company and its development with energetic support of their parents and the staff.


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