Salzach River

In the beginning there was the green river. The green Salzach River. The “Salzach” has its source in  the Kitzbühel Alps, more exactly in the area of the “Salzachgeier” at an altitude of approximately 2,300 m north of the Gerlospass. After about 226 km it flows into River Inn at “Marktl”, the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI. 
In the section between Bergheim near Salzburg and Marktl it is a border river between Germany and Austria. Great importance for Burghausen was attributed to the Salzach in the years of the salt trade, beginning at the 14th century. Here, the salt was cleared by the “Mautner”, who was employed by the Duke and was loaded onto carts or was shipped further to Passau.
With the salt trade, Burghausen became the trading hub. More than three centuries until its nationalization in 1595, the salt of the town of Burghausen has fostered the wealth of Burghausen and the one of the salt producers. 
Today, the river winds between highs and lows and charming landscapes between Tittmoning and Burghausen. Risen by the glacial waters of the last ice age, it sought a new bed and let a very narrow, 1,000 meter-long ridge, where there, about 50 meters above the old town, Burghausen's landmark towers: One of the most impressive castles in the world (1051m).
While walking along the banks of the Salzach or going for a “Plättenfahrt” on the reconstructed salt barges, you can experience and enjoy the originality of this charming landscape.

Guests of the old town hotels in Burghausen as well as of the Hotel Krimmlerfälle benefit of price reductions on public Plättenfahrten:

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The lower reaches of the River Salzach
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Our partner hotel from the other end, the source of the River Salzach "Hotel Krimmlerfälle” is happy to help you with information and organization for cycling and hiking excursions.

Plättenfahrten (flat boat trips) on the Salzach

The flat boats are replicas of medieval "flat" salt barges, which carried the "white gold" from Hallein down Salzach river.

Experience an unforgettable “Plättenfahrt” through the romantic Salzach Valley. Let the beauty of untouched nature impress you and enjoy the originality of this unique river landscape.

A soft tour past forests, wetlands, churches and mills. Restful relaxation and cozy conviviality - a Plättenfahrt is always an event and is ideal for company outings, clubs, groups or corporate events.

Highlights are the flat barges with music: Jazz brunch or Bavarian "Danzlmusik" that are available on request or on selected dates offered in addition to the public boat trips.

“Plätten” tours on special occasions with historically costumed Salzach sailors, such as wedding - or birthday tours are organized on request.