Old Town Events

For all events (e.g. concerts, festivals, markets, cinema, exhibitions, fairs, etc.) in Burghausen, visit the homepage of the city of Burghausen.

1. Event calendar of the City of Burghausen

Every year, in collaboration with the city of Burghausen the historic solstice celebrations take place on the Bergerhof area location and the three-day historical castle festival takes place.Historical garments, courtly pomp, torches, fire, the smell of fried food, the smell of faded powder, swords, drum sound and horses, industrious farmers, busy market vendors, beggars, musicians and vagabonds are leading the visitors into a different, bygone time and let him enter the world of the Middle Ages.
Duke Village Burghausen e.V.
Here are presented by and by the individual groups of the Duke City.There are currently 16 groups in the association, with approximately 500 members.

2.  Visiting Burghausen - Museums in Burghausen

House of Photography, Dr. Robert-Gerlich-Museum: The House of Photography was founded in 1983 as a photographic museum in the town of Burghausen and is located in the Rentmeisterstock on top of the castle. In 1998 it was named after the founder, who has been its director for a long time, Dr. Robert Gerlich.  Home-/Citymuseum Burghausen.  Burghausen Castle is one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in Europe. Duke George the Rich of Landshut / Bavaria and his Polish wife Hedwig after 1475 led large remodeling and expansions in the fortress, begun already by 13th century. This late-medieval castle has remained largely unchanged.
The city museum is housed in the former premises of the bower, here were "the rooms and the chamber of the wife, tin and screen chamber, the maidens chamber and bars, the silver chamber , the Grand Chamber, the chapel rooms and the recluse room. "Spread over four floors, the museum has 30 rooms in its large collection. Conceived as a local history museum, the Museum brings an overview of the past, about art and culture of Burghausen and its surroundings.

Every year there are special exhibitions on the history and art of Burghausen, which can be retrieved in catalogs, and other events.

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