Castle & Old Town

Guided tours around castle and Old Town

Directly from the Old Town Hotels you will experience the glittering Salzach river, the castle and the Old Town with its grave roofs. The buildings with their raised fronts form a triad in the town of Burghausen, which appears uniquely beautiful like a fairy tale and sprays the charm of the Middle Ages.

Castle tour

On the stroll through the six courtards you will find out about history and stories - amazing, tragic and amusing tales from a millennium Burghausen Castle. The tour of the 1051 meter long grounds takes about 90 minutes.The grounds of the castle are open and accessible all year round.Tours of the outer castle for groups are possible all year round.
Meeting point: Curaplatz (parking lot at the Castle entrance)Duration: Approx. 1  1/2 hours
Timely pre-booking is essential. Reservations can be made at the Burghausen Touristik GmbH by phone or

fax 08677/887-140/141 08677/887-144 or


Guided tour of the Old Town

Interesting and amusing tales of citizens, councilors and salt traders will be experienced during a tour of the town square and the Mautnerstraße into the former craftsmen mile "In den Grüben."
Old Town Tour - 90 minShort Old Town Tour - 60 min.
Altstadt-guided tours are available year-round by appointment
Reservations can be made at the Burghausen Touristik GmbH: 

Telephone 08677/887-140/141 or
fax 08677/887-144 or by