Championship golf course Schloß Piesing

The golf course at the castle Piesing in the community Haiming is only 6 kilometers away from Burghausen. Natural hazards, ditches and ponds, wide fairways and fair bunkers make the flat course, which at the first glance seems to prefer longhitters, interesting for all golfer. 


Golf course Falkenhof

This very attractive course near Marktl is only a few kilometers away from Piesing. It's an interesting and various course.  It is attached great importance to a disversified playing.


The golfcourse Sagmühle

The championship course, founded in 1984, is situated at a totally flat area near the river Rott.

Old trees, bushes, flowers and natural water hazards accompany and restrict the great greens.   


The golf course GC Golfclub Schloßberg e.V. 

This golf course is situated in the heart of the vils valley.

The challenging course, which is nestled in the wonderful nature, is something very special for beginners and professionals.  




The golf course GC Golfclub Innviertel - Manor Kaltenhausen

This course is for all kinds of golfer. It has been admitted to the 20 niced courses of Austria.
In Pischeldorf/Gut Kaltenhausen a 6148 m long nature-golf-symbiosis was created which unites all beauties of the scenery.


Golf club Anthal - Lake Waging

The golf course impresses with the perfect modelled hilock terrain of the Bavarian prealpine lands with its broad-leaved forests. The hazard "Stonecreek" a dried out course of stream is characteristic for this course.