Running tracks in Burghausen

Around the Wöhrsee (2-4 km).

A charming running course around  Wöhrsee.


Towards Raitenhaslach and back:

forward from the old town of Burghausen along the Salzach River to Raitenhaslach, across the impressive center back to Burghausen. (approx. 12 km)

Minigolf in Burghausen

Nestled between the castle, which is only 10 minutes away, and next to the Wöhrsee lies a mini-golf course which is certainly unique in the region. The course goes up to the castle hill, amidst the natural landscaping that donates plenty of shade.

The mini-golf course, which has been ideal for playing for 40 years, was largely restored in spring 2004 and all tracks had been well prepared, in order that local championships can also be held. As a part of the fortress, this area is already existing since 1853.

Miniature golf course on Wöhrsee

Tenant: Andreas Stadler

Tel: 0049 170-4705541

Swimming pool fun in Burghausen

This fabulous Wöhrsee bathing area at the foot of the mighty castle, where about 4,000 people can relax, is certainly one of the most scenic all over Bavaria and it is also the home of the regional training centre for long distance swimmers.

The water of the lake has a very good quality.


The heated Wacker outdoor pool with a 122 meters long and 12 meters high giant water slide, whitewater channel, and a beach volleyball court is located within the sports park.

The urban Georg Miesgang pool with its 50-meter pool counts among the most modern in the Federal Republic and has been recognized as a regional training center. There's also a diving tower, large sauna area and a restaurant.