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"Excellent" Bavarian cuisine

Monastery Raitenhaslach and Hotel Post in Burghausen - 2 Old Town Hotels-awarded to Bavarian cuisine.

In the competition "Bavarian cuisine" of the ministry, "our two dining establishments have been awarded repeatedly. We are pleased with our guests.

The competition “Bavarian Cuisine” is conducted from Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry together with the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH and the tourism associations.

The competition objective is to strengthen the regional Bavarian cuisine.

600 hosts out of the free state had taken part in the competition Bavarian Cuisine 2010. To the hosts Hotel Post Burghausen and the monastery Raitenhaslach, the jump onto the podium with bronze awards was possible:

"Thus you are among the best inns in Bavarian cuisine," the minister said during his speech in Munich's Hofbräuhaus, "You are proof that good food and drink are an essential part of Bavarian culture."

The triennial competition aims to strengthen Bavarian cuisine and the use of domestic products.Special emphasis was put by the kitchen chefs of the Old Town Hotels on the use of regional quality products of the season.

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